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Strange, But It Just Might Work: Portable Folding Napkin Table

Foldable Napkin Table


Picnics are fun, but it’s hard to eat a decent meal without a table. That’s why most people pack finger food and sandwiches in their baskets instead to prevent any potential mess. A concept by Michael Jan, who’s an industrial design graduate from Taiwan’s Tunghai University, might soon change all that though.

Michael came up with this portable folding napkin table that’s essentially a cross between, well, a napkin and a table. Both ends are meant to be worn by people who are sitting opposite one another. The table-slash-napkin has slots for bowls and cups so you can have a proper meal without the fuss.

Foldable Napkin Table1

Foldable Napkin Table2


When you’re done eating, just clear everything and fold it in half, and you’re good to go. Pretty neat, huh?

VIA [ LikeCool ]