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Deal Of The Day: 27% Off On A3 Wallet

Deal Of The Day: 27% Off On A3 Wallet


We see our fair share of wallets at OhGizmo, and very few offer the innovation their marketing material suggests. The A3 wallet on the other hand is kind of interesting. It consists of three aluminum plates held together with two large O-rings. Your cards and cash is meant to be sandwiched between these plates, and easily accessed by simply pulling them apart. The elastic nature of the O-rings means you have flexibility and can stash quite a bit of stuff in there, while remaining slim and unobtrusive. Since it’s made of aluminum, you also do get some RFID blocking capabilities. If you take a second to watch the video, you’ll see this is actually a pretty cool wallet. Normally you’d have to pay $47 to own it, but this special brings it down to $33.99.

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