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Gastropods for Your iPod: Snail and Slug Earbuds

Gastropods for Your iPod: Snail and Slug Earbuds

Snail & Slug Earbuds

If snails and slugs don’t bother you, then you might find these earbuds pretty neat. But if you get easily spooked by bugs and cringe at the thought of gastropods like snails and slugs, then you might want to steer clear of these. The Snail and Slug earbuds could be your worst fears realized: snails and slugs crawling up your neck and into your ears, and there’s nothing you can do about it…

Far from being a nightmare, these earbuds actually exist and they will no doubt elicit a second look from most people who see you using it.

Snail & Slug Earbuds1

Snail & Slug Earbuds2 The earbuds were created by artist Klara Pernicova with the goal of unsettling people with her work. Looks like she managed to do just that.

The Snail and Slug earbuds are available online for $56.

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