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SlideRider Turns Stairs Into a Slide

SlideRider Turns Stairs Into a Slide


Running down the stairs two steps at a time, sliding down the banister when the adults aren’t looking–they’re fun to do (but not as fun when you’re in a hurry), although it’s not really the safe way to go when you’re heading down a flight of stairs. It could be fun again for everyone in the household, though, with the installation of the SlideRider.

It’s a set of mats that fold out and connect to transform stairs into slides. All you have to do is take it out, connect the different components to form the slide, and lay it on top of the stairs. And voila–instant slide!



The SlideRider was thought up by Trisha Cleveland, and she’s now working with Quirky to try and turn it into a reality.

VIA [ LikeCool ]


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