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Bluelounge’s Sanctuary4 4-amp Charging Station is the Only Charger You’ll Need


Most people don’t stick to just one gadget or mobile device. There’s one phone for work, one phone for personal use, a tablet for on-the-go browsing and gaming, and so on and so forth. Even if they did, they’d most likely need more than one charger if there are several people (each with their own device) in the household.

If you find yourself running out of outlets for all the charger and aren’t a fan of power strips, then Bluelounge’s Sanctuary4 4-amp Charging Station is a potential solution.




It takes the pain out of charging multiple devices, as the charging station can hold up to four different gadgets. You can easily customize the 4 USB ports with the attachment you need for your phone or tablet. As an extra bonus, it also has a built-in tablet stand so you can prop your iPad or Nexus 7 on top of it with ease while you’re charging.

The Bluelounge’s Sanctuary4 4-amp Charging Station is available for $99.95.

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