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Edilble Business Card Gives You a Boost, Leads You to the Right Direction

Edible Business Card


High altitudes do weird things to the human body, even if it might be one that belongs to a seasoned trekker. Dizziness, nausea, fatigue, headaches–these are pains you wouldn’t want to have to go through in the middle of a climb. That’s what the folks from the Kokopelli Backpackers hostel had in mind when they rolled out their edible business cards that double as anti-altitude sickness remedies.

First of all, it’s a business card, so all the hostel’s pertinent contact information are printed on it. Then comes the interesting part: each card has a detachable, edible section made from coca leaves that gives climbers an extra boost as they chew on it.

Now that’s marketing and design at its finest!

VIA [ Damn Geeky ]

  • abbibi

    Uh, cocaine is made from coca leaves. I don’t think there are many airports you could travel through with one of these cards.


    Yes Abbibi, you can travel with coca leaves. You can even buy and drink coca tea in many airports if you travel to Bolivia or Machu Picchu (Peru)!

  • Johnny

    When unemployed, my business cards should have had a sour lemon flavor

  • Eat The Fine Print

    Our business cards are edible, too –in fact, our whole line of greeting cards is 100% edible! #OhGizmoFan