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Take 3D Images Using Your Smartphone With LazeeEye

Take 3D Images Using Your Smartphone With LazeeEye


A 3D camera is expensive. A smartphone with an attachment that turns it into a 3D camera is not. I mean, you’ve already bought your phone anyway. Might as well cough up twenty more bucks to take three-dimensional images than spend hundreds of dollars on a 3D camera that you won’t be using at all times.

The attachment is called the LazeeEye and it works by making use of a laser illuminator hardware add-on and a stereo vision processing app that work together to bring you your 3D images. 

Once you’ve got your 3D image, the possibilities are endless: make models, take 3D measurements, and more. The LazeeEye is currently up for funding on Kickstarter, where a minimum pledge of $20 will get you a DIY kit. Make a $50 pledge to get the Hardware kit and pitch in $75 for a fully-assembled and tested LazeeEye, if you’re too lazy to put one together.

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