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Domino’s Launches ‘Pizza’ Where The Dough Is Fried Chicken

Domino’s Launches ‘Pizza’ Where The Dough Is Fried Chicken


We’re calling Domino’s new Specialty Chicken dish a ‘pizza’ mainly because the concept involves putting pizza toppings on top of a bed made out of fried chicken bits. And while that’s not exactly a pizza, it’s close enough. In other words what you have here is 12 chicken morsels arranged in the shape of a flat, somewhat longish base on which they’ve put cheese, sauce, and other things that normally would go on a pizza. It’s an odd proposition, and the company is aware. They’re launching a promotional campaign along with it called “Failure is an Option”, where they admit to the product’s outside-the-box nature in the hopes that people will keep an open mind.

We’re intrigued, all the more so since it’ll cost all of $6. If any one of you tries it, leave a comment here to let others whether to take the plunge.

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2 responses to “Domino’s Launches ‘Pizza’ Where The Dough Is Fried Chicken”

  1. ninjustin says:

    Low carb Pizza? At least it’s not wrapped in lettuce.

  2. dtrowbridge says:

    Saw this article and ordered it. They are small. I can understand the lower price. I had the Crispy bacon and tomato. It is really good!