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B-Shoes Are For the Clumsy: Smart Fall Prevention Shoes

B-Shoes Are For the Clumsy: Smart Fall Prevention Shoes


If you’ve got two left feet and trip over stuff a lot, then you might need to trade in your Chucks for this pair of shoes. These B-Shoes are uniquely-designed footwear with an integrated fall prevention system to make sure that you stay upright–at least while you’re wearing them, anyway.

Kidding aside, the B-Shoes were made especially for older folks who are prone to spills due to their age and perhaps slower reflexes. The shoes aren’t called smart for nothing, as they prevent falls by kicking into action when they detect that the wearer has lost his balance and is about to fall backwards.

The shoes’ motorized heels then powers up by driving the shoe back, restoring balance and hopefully preventing that fall and countless others from seeing the light of day.

You can find more information about the B-Shoe here.

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