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This RC Car Does 188mph, And No, Not To Scale

This RC Car Does 188mph, And No, Not To Scale


The little vehicle you see in the picture has reached the record speed of 188.87mph. It’s called the R/C Bullet and that’s the actual speed it reached, not its scaled equivalent. We don’t have much by way of details though, aside from being able to tell you that it’s made by one Nic Case, who appears to have been in the business of making record-breaking RC cars for some time now. Back in 2008 he had the record for fastest RC car in the world with the Schumacher Mi3, which you can actually purchase, unlike the Bullet.

[ Source ] VIA [ Engadget ]

  • Michael Aldridge

    Very impressive, but the best story here has to be how the car was engineered. Are there any video’s or blogs about the build?