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LED Golf Balls For Awesome Nighttime Playing

LED Golf Balls For Awesome Nighttime Playing


Mark Twain once said that golf was a good walk spoiled. He definitely never saw these LED Golf Balls, then. Just imagine how awesome this would look in the middle of the night, soaring through the air. No we’re not actually suggesting you can get a proper game of golf going in the dark, but you can still have fun so why not give them a try? They light up as soon as they’re hit, and stay lit for 8 minutes, which should be long enough for you to find it. The battery will last 40 hours, which is a lot of 8 minute cycles. It’s $30.

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One response to “LED Golf Balls For Awesome Nighttime Playing”

  1. OUSOB says:

    I thought only blind people golfed at night.