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Screw Grabber Grabs On To Your Screws So You Don’t Have To


Here’s a little bit of ingenuity for you DIYers out there. If you find it frustrating that you’re always dropping the screw just as you’re getting ready to drive it into the wall, you might want to look at the Screw Grabber. It’s a simple rubber sleeve with ribs on the inside that gently holds on to your screw and keeps it there until you’re done with it. It’ll fit almost any size head and will cost you all of $7 to get in on the action.


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  • David

    $7?? worth about .90. I can’t imagine it will last long for anyone driving lots of screws.

  • Phillip Kauffman

    Hi David, Yes the parts themselves are inexpensive to manufacture however our mold cost to manufacture them in the US is pretty high so we are amortizing that cost into our 4pack for $7. The added value of never dropping a screw again however is totally worth it!

    Phillip Kauffman – Inventor – Screw Grabber

  • David

    ah, I didn’t see that it is a multipack! that’s a much better price than what I thought. thx for the info.

  • Phillip Kauffman

    The $7 also includes shipping in the US. Glad I could clear up your concerns. Hope to see you as a backer.