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iCup is an Apple Logo-Shaped Mug For Your iCoffee

iCup is an Apple Logo-Shaped Mug For Your iCoffee

iCup Mug

The iCup is a mug in the shape of Apple’s trademark bitten apple logo that comes with a matching saucer and spoon. The saucer isn’t just a plain old saucer, as it can be plugged into your MacBook via USB to heat up the plate, keeping your mug and its contents warm while you toil away on your computer.

The iCup was designed by Tomislav Zvonari?, who was inspired by his love for Apple. That much is clear in the small details you can see in his design, from the mug’s leaf handle to the tiny apple logo on the handle of the spoon.

iCup Mug1


Apple probably won’t give the green light for this to go into production, but it’s still a pretty awesome design all the same.

VIA [ FoodBeast ]


6 responses to “iCup is an Apple Logo-Shaped Mug For Your iCoffee”

  1. René Kåbis says:

    I hate to be the first to say it, but… verbally spell out the name of this device. Slowly.

  2. Phil B. says:

    A product for people who wonder “How can I be even more pathetic?”

  3. Bryan J. Maloney says:


  4. Mike Jordan says:

    so does it allways make the cream in the face of steeve jobs or is it just random?

  5. Mike Jordan says:

    I C U P