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Sad Keanu is the Best and Saddest Toy Ever

Sad Keanu Toy



Who on the internet hasn’t seen that image of Keanu Reeves hunched over at a park bench, looking extremely downcast and lonely? Fans of Keanu rushed to send the actor messages of encouragement, which prompted him to explain that he wasn’t depressed but was just enjoying a solo lunch at the park.

It’s crazy what a single image can do and what the internet can come up because of it. Aside from memes and fan art, an actual 3D-printed model of Sad Keanu now exists, thanks to Japan-based toy builder idk.

Sad Keanu Toy1

Sad Keanu Toy2

Sad Keanu Toy3

Sad Keanu Toy4



Who knew Sad Keanu could be such a versatile toy?

It’s available online for $45.

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  • IT Rush

    What the.. the saddest toy for $45?