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Revijour True Love Tester Bra: If It Ain’t True Love, It Ain’t Unhooking

True Love Tester Bra

Japanese lingerie company Ravijour has come up with a revolutionary albeit unusual piece of lingerie dubbed as the “True Love Tester Bra.” As its name implies, the brassiere comes with built-in sensors that monitors its wearer’s heart rate and vital stats. The sensors also keep track of the secretion of a certain hormone called Catecholamine, which apparently is secreted only when a women is truly in love.

Data on these stats are sent via Bluetooth to a smartphone that’s running the bra’s companion app, which measures heart rate elevation, to determine whether it’s the real deal or just a fling. When it’s deemed to be the former, the app will wirelessly unhook the bra.

It’s definitely an interesting concept, I’ll give it that. But is it practical? I would say no.


  • Deus Ex Vino

    Thats one hi-tech way do damage relationships.

  • Larry

    Speak English please.

  • Deus Ex Vino

    Are you really asking for in-depth explanation on how any technical failure or dysfunction of this technology will translate into doubt and possibly break-ups?

  • Stephen Finsel

    I can see it now, women s bras un hooking while I walk down the street! (OK JKD!)

  • Larry

    No, I’m just tired of gibberish.