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Shoe-mounted Landmine Detector Could Save Lives

Shoe-mounted Landmine Detector Could Save Lives


Landmines are scourges of mankind, taking hundreds of lives each year, often decades after they were placed and forgotten. There are efforts underway worldwide to get rid of them, but it’s a slow process and an uphill battle. In Columbia, years of guerrilla warfare and narcotrafficking have driven the country to have the world’s second highest concentration of land mines. So it’s no surprise that Lemur Studio, a design firm in Bogotá, developed concept product called SaveOneLife, which hopes to increase personal survival rates for those living in high risk areas. The device is a shoe-mounted metal detector that connects with a small wristband. The wristband would then vibrate when it detects potential danger, and indicate the mine’s general direction. Aimed at troops, illicit crop eradicators and farmers, SaveOneLife is still in the design phase and the studio is looking for funding and support. There’s no timeline for any of this, but it’s a worthwhile project and we wish them luck.

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