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Igloo Making Tool

Igloo Making Tool


In the throes of winter, one starts looking for wintery activities. That can mean a lot of things, like throwing snowballs or making snow angels. But it can also mean undertaking more serious activities, like building an igloo. If you’ve always seen it as an out-of-reach activity, on account of not really knowing how, then take a look at this Icebox Igloo Maker. It’s a snow packing tool which creates the basic cater nary shape necessary to create a self sustaining structure. You create the blocks in place, then remove the mold and move on to the next brick. Once you’ve built 8 rows, your winter home is complete!

It’s $180.

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One response to “Igloo Making Tool”

  1. msisaac says:

    Why not just have an igloo shaped balloon? You blow it up, pack snow around it, then deflate it and climb inside?