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Chips and Soda In One: Mountain Dew-Flavored Cheetos

Chips and Soda In One: Mountain Dew-Flavored Cheetos

Mountain Dew Flavored Cheetos


Mountain Dew goes great with Cheetos, but it doesn’t necessarily follow through that Mountain Dew-flavored Cheetos would taste good. It sounds extremely strange and unusual, but it’s an actual snack that’s available in Japan. It’s packaged in cups and were “made in cooperation with Pepsi, to ensure an authentic taste experience.”

It’s hard to imagine Cheetos not being cheesy or Mountain Dew not being fizzy–but hey, we won’t knock it until we’ve tried it.

Mountain Dew-flavored Cheetos is being sold for $3.80 a cup.

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One response to “Chips and Soda In One: Mountain Dew-Flavored Cheetos”

  1. RH says:

    I’ve been a Mt. Dew nut since the mid 60’s as a kid. I’ve got old bottles, cans, shirts, hats etc.
    When I saw this last week, I ordered two. One to open & share, and one to keep. I’ll let ya know how they taste in a couple weeks when they show up.