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Rocking Bench Lets You Rock to Your Heart’s Content

Rocking Bench Lets You Rock to Your Heart’s Content

Rocking Bench

You’re too old for a rocking horse but you’re too young for a rocking chair. So have a seat on the Rocking Bench and rock out to your heart’s content. This unique piece of furniture was designed by Lanzavecchia and Wai with the goal of transforming something meant for kids (in this case, the rocking horse) into a refined piece of furniture for grown-ups.

The saddle provides added stability, although it isn’t the most comfortable thing in the world because of the lack of rests. The cool thing about their design is that they’ve also made a version that’s meant for two people.

Rocking Bench1


The two-seater version works more like a see-saw, where both people seated have to balance the chair out, else they both slip off and fall.

As the designers explain: “To give substance/body to the lightness we asked the help of the Laws of Physics: Dynamics. The result, ironically enough to be playful, is the encounter between steel – the material emblematic of solidity – and one of the most beloved childhood icons.”

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