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Easy-to-Make Foods Made Easier: Food Blue Print Place Mats

Easy-to-Make Foods Made Easier: Food Blue Print Place Mats

Food Blue Print Place Mats

If you’ve always wanted to be an engineer but didn’t have the brains or the aptitude for math and technical stuff, then here’s your chance to become an engineer of a different sort: a food engineer. You really won’t get a license from this or anything, but you will get a quick tutorial on how to make a bunch of tried-and-tested treats and popular dishes that will make people come back for more.

You won’t need books and you don’t need to sign up for any classes. In fact, all you need are these quirky Food Blue Print Place Mats and you’ll be able to whip up people’s most requested dishes in no time, starting with PB&J and s’mores. (Yeah, you’d be surprised at how a lot of people actually don’t know how to make some of this stuff.)

Food Blue Print Place Mats1

In case you already do, then hey, at least you’ll have some pretty fun place mats to use when you have guests over.

They’re sold by Awkward Engineer in sets of four at $19.50.

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