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Rubber Band Machine Gun Will Make You Feel Like ‘Rambo’

Rubber Band Machine Gun Will Make You Feel Like ‘Rambo’


I still remember the rubber band wars during my school years. It was pretty annoying when you get hit by one, but shooting them at others appeared to be the best feeling. Keeping that feeling in mind, Alex Shpetniy and Brian Dinh have created a Rubber Band Machine Gun, yes, you’re reading it right. The Rubber Band Machine Gun consists of 672 rubber bands, with a firing speed of 14 shots per second. The machine gun comes with 700 spare rubber bands and will be available in three different colors.

The project is currently listed on Kickstarter, currently seeking $5,000, but it seems the product is quite popular At the time of writing, the creators managed to generate $47,537 with 25 more days to go. If you think this product can be useful, head over to the product page below and pledge for the project. You can also check out the video below to know more about the product.

[Product Page]


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