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Meaty Holidays: Santa Claus Meatloaf

Meaty Holidays: Santa Claus Meatloaf

Santa Claus Meatloaf

The holidays are in full swing! The tree is up, the presents are wrapped and piled neatly underneath, and everyone’s heading over to grandma’s to meet, catch up, and present some random relatives with some ugly Christmas sweaters. Then there’s that one relative who comes to the party with some creative-but-creepy-looking Santa Claus meatloaf.

If someone actually does show up with something that at least resembles the one pictured here, then you’ll know where they got the idea from: Chef Charles Phoenix.

Santa Claus Meatloaf1

Here he is, holding the jolly and festive tray before pushing it into the oven and baking Santa until he’s crusty and brown on the outside.

It’s a fun idea and no doubt a lot of folks will be entertained/disgusted by the sight of this on the dining table. However, I think this won’t be a huge hit with kids for obvious reasons.

VIA [ Incredible Things ]