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FaceRig Lets You Be Whoever (and Whatever) You Want to Be While You’re Chatting

FaceRig Lets You Be Whoever (and Whatever) You Want to Be While You’re Chatting


Everyone has those days when they really don’t feel like showing their face, whether it’s in person or online. It doesn’t make sense to cancel for this reason alone when you’ve already made an appointment with someone over Skype, so the next best thing at this point is FaceRig. It’s a neat program that replaces your image with that of another person, animal, or character, so you can chat away without having to shave, shower, or get dressed, even.

This wasn’t the actual reason FaceRig was created, but I know a lot of people who would use it in that manner. FaceRig was actually developed to give people total freedom when it comes to expressing themselves in real time via video chat services, including Skype and Twitch.

Think of FaceRig as literally allowing you to take on a different role onscreen–not just in terms of appearance, but in your voice as well. It’s like digital cosplay, but a bit better. All you’ll need to achieve that is this program and a webcam, and you’re good to go.

FaceRig uses state of the art real time image based tracking technology provided by Visage Technologies from Sweden, and combines it with a cross-platform real-time animation and visualization framework developed by indie-powered Holotech Studios and its partners from the games industry

FaceRig will be launched in five versions: Classic (non-commercial), Pro (commercial), Studio (for businesses and game developers), AudioLite (only includes the audio mask/mixer), and Mobile. It’s currently up for funding on Indiegogo.

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