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‘Feeling Cagey?’ Adds Nicolas Cage’s Mug On Your Selfies

‘Feeling Cagey?’ Adds Nicolas Cage’s Mug On Your Selfies

Nicolas Cage Selfie

His personality and antics have spawned the creation of unusual art and makeup bearing his image. Now another thing that’s using the likeness of Nicolas Cage to spread fun and laughter is Feeling Cagey?. It’s a website that features a continuous stream of Nic’s mug plastered on a variety of face shapes and bodies that belong to men, women, and children.

It’s humorous and provides some mindless entertainment when you’re stressed or bored. Nic Cage as a baby, Nic Cage as a smexy model, Nic Cage as a girl with Nic Cage as a boyfriend…how is that not entertaining?

Nicolas Cage Selfie2

Feeling Cagey? was created by web developer Josh McMilan. Check it out here.

VIA [ Laughing Squid ]