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Forget Your Keys a Lot? Then You Might Want These Lock Pick Earrings

Forget Your Keys a Lot? Then You Might Want These Lock Pick Earrings

Lock Pick Earrings

Forgot your keys again? Locked out of the house with no one to let you in? Then you might be able to put these unusual earrings to good use. These are the Lock Pick earrings, which really double as lock picks. All you’ll need to do is master the skill of lock-picking, and you’ll be able to get into any locked doors in no time. Just make sure you aren’t doing anything illegal.

Each pair comes with six lock picks, with three dangling on each earring. They include a small hook pick, a small half diamond pick, a single ball rake, a C-rake, an S-rake, and a Tension wrench.

Lock Pick Earrings1

An elegant accessory perfect for quick escapes, late nights, and lost keys. These acid etched stainless steel earrings are lightweight and feature a selection of picks, rakes, and a tension bar. They’re decked out with silver plated rings and ear hooks – a perfect companion for Maker Faire, impressing the folks down at the local hackerspace, and DefCon shenanigans.

The Lock Pick earrings are priced at $34.99.

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    Another great example of showing lock picking as an art!

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