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Time for Crazy Eyes: Nicolas Cage Eyeshadow Actually Exists

Nicolas Cage Eyeshadow

When Nicolas Cage does his crazy eyes, you’d be hard-pressed to look away. Not only because his eyes are strangely mesmerizing, but also because he looks strangely funny and creepy and downright crazy at the same time.

These pots of Nicolas Cage eyeshadow won’t teach you the art (or is it the curse?) of crazy eyes, but you can use it to create a bunch of eye looks that may or may not look crazy. They’re being sold by Shiro Cosmetics, who are probably taking advantage of the popularity or notoriety of Nic Cage.

Nicolas Cage Eyeshadow1

October’s Color of the Month is Nic Cage Raking Leaves on a Brisk October Afternoon.
Deep, rich coffee brown-black loaded with gold and red sparkles. Lip-safe!

Nicolas Cage eyeshadow is priced at $6. Care to try it?

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