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Australia Post Rolls Out Interactive Video Stamps

Australia Post Rolls Out Interactive Video Stamps

Australia Post Video Stamps

Australia Post is making snail mail a little more high tech with the release of their video stamps. They’re not the first to introduce QR codes on stamps (Croatia released theirs last year), but they are the first to do more with it. Instead of tracking your mail as it gets to you, senders can opt to send video messages along with the package to the recipients.

Senders can record clips that are as short as 15 seconds and as long as 12 hours. This way, letters can be made even more personal with a recorded video message.

Once recipients get their letter or package, they can scan the stamp to view the recorded video. The video can be viewed on Australia Post’s website instead if they don’t have a smartphone.

The Video Stamps are currently on trial this holiday season and are available for free with Express Post and Express Courier International products. If you’re from the land down under, then you might want to give this a try.



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