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If Disney Princesses Had Regular-Sized Eyes, They’d Look Like This

If Disney Princesses Had Regular-Sized Eyes, They’d Look Like This

Disney Princesses with Regular Eyes

Normal is relative, and when it comes to Disney’s princesses, the feature that varies the most is the size of their eyes. Ariel has noticeably large peepers, while Cinderella looks like she’s got closer-to-normal sized eyes. But what about the rest of the princesses? Well, Jen Lewis took it upon herself to edit their eyes so that each pair would be proportional to the face of the princess they belong to.

The result is what you see above and in the gallery after the break. Needless to say, most of them look odd, but maybe that’s because we’re used to seeing them with their larger-than-life eyes.

VIA [ Incredible Things ]


4 responses to “If Disney Princesses Had Regular-Sized Eyes, They’d Look Like This”

  1. ninjustin says:

    Now they just need noses instead of a line on their face.

  2. brianadams says:

    This is Oh Gizmo right? Wasn’t sure this topic has nothing to do with this website or anything really, you guys must just be desperate for filler huh?

  3. dponce80 says:

    Hi Brianadams…

    I know what you’re saying, but I’m gonna stand behind Hazel’s post. Even though 70% of the stuff here is product oriented tech, we’re trying to include things that are going viral online, as well as items that might appeal to some geeks and even, gasp, girls. I know we don’t put out a ton of content, but I like to think of it as a nice change of pace now and then. 🙂

  4. brianadams says:

    Cool now maybe we can get a review on what toilet papers best, that would have something to do with this website, you know sense eyeball size has gone “viral: as you put it. What with since Oh Gizmoi’s going down the toilet