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Anti-Rape Underwear Could Be Just Around The Corner

Anti-Rape Underwear Could Be Just Around The Corner


Like it or not, there are situations that are more risky for women, whether it’s walking down a dark street at night or going to questionable parties. Now a company is trying to put the odds a little more in the women’s camp by designing a line of underwear, AR Wear, that can’t be removed by someone other than the wearer. The hope is that they’ll help prevent rape, since studies have shown that “resistance increases the chance of avoiding a completed rape without making the victim more likely to be physically injured”. These shorts have special cut-and-tear-resistant bands around the waist, leg openings and central panels that prevent an unwanted assailant from removing them forcefully. Only the wearer can take them off by making use of the simple and elegant “clock-hand lock”, which involves placing two small levers on the front of the garment at specific angles. Each piece of underwear comes with it’s own combination, whether it’s 1:40, 3:50 and so on.

Of course this doesn’t guarantee safety, and precautions should always be taken when you’re in an unfamiliar and potentially risky environment. But this is just one more tool that could end up becoming the deciding factor between an assailant going through with his crime and giving up frustrated.

Unfortunately the line is still under development and there’s no clear timeline for when, if ever, it will hit the market. You can help the company along with a donation to their IndieGogo campaign, but know that this doesn’t automatically put you in line to receive the underwear. It only buys you a discount once development is completed.

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  • brandall715

    If the party is so questionable, or the run so late, you preemptively recognize your t increased risk for dangerous encounters…then what are u doing subjecting yourself to unnecessary increased risk in the first place.

  • korinthian

    Mormon underwear joke goes here.

  • jeffrey jakubowski

    I can’t wait to see someone get drunk and try to fumble to take em off to take a piss

  • Brooke

    Sometimes you just can’t help it….maybe a girl has to take a job at a gas station or is in the military or something.

  • Sifx0276

    What the f..k? Dude, I don’t no how on earth you even came up with that thought? Increase risk? So what if I like to travel, party, work late and so on. There is no way that you can increase risk. Sometimes women will put them self, either by accident, or by them selfs in dangerous positions.
    Take me for example I love to travel.. Wich can be so dangerous in some countries. So you just think I should stay at home and don’t go out when the dark shows?
    I don’t think that any women ever go to “questionable” parties. But sometimes you might walk alone only for a few minutes, talk with a guy that seems nice, and sometimes you can’t have faith in all the people at the club.
    I hate the fact that so many people think that it might be the girl that got raped’s fall; she was way too drunk, she shouldn’t have left the party with that guy, she was wearing too slutty clothes; no it’s the person that rapes another humanbeing that’s sick.
    And by the way sorry for my bad spelling, I’m from Denmark, so English isn’t exactly my motherlanguage.

  • brandall715

    Fallacy alert. Your fallacy(s) is(are) straw man and red herring. Dont put words in my mouth, I dont blame a victim for being a victim nor do i excuse the perpetrator – the perp should be punished the victim should not. I am simply stating the statistically unimpeachable fact that ones behavior affects their likelihood, propensity and probability to be victimized. Putting locks on your door reduces the chance of being burgled – empirical fact that is devoid of any fallacious assertions unlike your statement.

    When traveling in pairs or more your chances of being mugged drop precipitously.

    Suggesting someone whos been burgled in the past put locks on their door is not blaming them – its caring enough to inform them to empower themselves to any degree they can reasonably do so to avoid becoming a victim. Advising women otherwise of neglecting to advise them all together is doing women a disservice and places them at risk for injury.

    I have a female partner i love. I have a sister. I have a mother. So spare me.

    And oh btw men are the biggest recipients of rape in America – ever heard of prison? Want to try again?

  • brandall715

    Your fallacy is “Strawman”: nor did I say one could always prevent it…you did.

    I am suggesting that the overall prevalence and incidences of rape could be reduced through informing women which the US govt as well as numerous campuses agree with as they see to informing them of these very same facts.