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‘Pro Bono Promo’ Recreates Logos Using the Brands’ Actual Products

Pro Bono Promo

At first glance, these logos might not seem like much. You’ve probably already seen them thousands of times already, whether you just skipped over them while grocery shopping or actually use them on a daily basis. But if you take a closer look, then you’ll see why these logos are not your ordinary hand-drawn or computer-rendered logos: they were made using the actual products they represent.

They’re part of a street art series called “Pro Bono Logos” by artist Dorota Pankowska. Armed with bottles of Cheez Whiz, jars of Maxwell House, and tubes of Colgate, Dorota took to the streets and recreated the logos by smearing cheese spread and coffee grounds on otherwise clean walls.

Pro Bono Promo1

Pro Bono Promo2

Pro Bono Promo3

For more images from the series, check out Dorota’s website.

VIA [ Laughing Squid ]