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Aqualibrium: Where Fishes Grow Plants and Where Plants Grow Fishes


In a world of constant imbalance, it’s refreshing to see something that attempts to incorporate equilibrium into its very core. I’m talking about Aqualibrium, which is a combination planter and fish tank of sorts that allows fish to grow plants and vice versa. The top part of the tank is where various plants are growing, while the fish live at the bottom tank.

Water from the fish tank, which contains fish poop, among other things, is pumped up and carried to the upper tank, where it serves as fertilizer for the growing plants. On the other hand, the water is effectively filtered through the plants’ growing medium, where ammonia-neutralizing bacteria are found, so that the fishes have cleaner water to swim around in.


The idea is simple and the execution is impressive. Aqualibrium was successfully funded on Kickstarter a few days ago. Don’t fret if you missed backing it on the crowdfunding website, because you can pre-order it on their site for $330 plus shipping.

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