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Monthly Archives: November 2013

Getting Ready For A New Generation Of Gaming: An OhGizmo! Holiday Gift Guide

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The time to love and the time to give is only but a month away. Families will gather, trees will be decorated, gifts will be wrapped, and smiles will be had. All of it happens with a good amount of preparation, and now is as good a time as any to start. This year, we’d like to present you a gift guide with a pretty solid and clear theme: gaming. As you probably know, Microsoft and Sony have each released their new consoles after many long years of wait. A new generation of gaming awaits kids young and old alike, and we’d like to give you an overview of what you could get your loved ones, should you be in the market for a bottom up solution. Yes, we’re not only looking at the consoles, but at what you would need in order to construct an entire gaming and entertainment platform from the ground up. So without further ado, here’s what to get.

Sony Playstation 4
Sony was the first to release their new console, on November 15th. It runs a semi-custom AMD Radeon GPU along with 8GB of DDR5 RAM. This means it’s a graphical powerhouse, but not necessarily more so than the Xbox One. The move away from the cell architecture of the PS3 is intended to attract a wider range of developers to the console, though only time will tell if that strategy pays off. The new controller features a clickable touchpad, which has the potential to add new functionality. Most early reviews were very positive, with the consensus gravitating towards the conclusion that if you’re looking for a gaming console, the PS4 may have the edge on the Xbox One, but only because of its lower price point. It’s $399.

Microsoft’s Xbox One
Microsoft followed with a new console of its own just one week after Sony, on the 22nd. Redmond’s strategy seems to differ from Sony in that the company is aiming to make the Xbox One a central hub in the living room. In other words, while it does game flawlessly, gaming is not its core. On the hardware side, you have a custom 1.75 GHz AMD 8 core APU along with 8GB of DDR3 RAM. In practice, early users have reported very little difference in graphical prowess, so the console stands aside from the PS4 mostly in its entertainment ambitions. For one, Kinect 2.0 is bundled, which opens the door to voice and gesture navigation. Then there’s an HDMI-in port, so that you may watch your cable directly through the console. 4-app multitasking, Kinect 2.0, snapping windows and other entertainment flourishes are what Microsoft hopes will justify the extra $100 asking price. It’s $499.

Extra Controllers
Gaming is fun, but it’s more fun when you do it with friends. While the consoles do come bundled with a controller, it’s never a bad idea to have a second one lying around for when you do have someone over. The PS4’s controller is $59, while we suggest you get the slightly more expensive Xbox One controller because it’s rechargeable. That one is $75.

Call Of Duty: Ghosts
Gaming launches are now the most lucrative entertainment products on the planet. Like clockwork, Activision announced that Call Of Duty: Ghosts had generated $1 billion in its first day of sales. That’s right, a billion with a ‘b’. In one day. Sure, some may say that the game is starting to suffer from franchise fatigue. And while it certainly doesn’t reinvent the wheel, the game does provide fast, fluid and exciting gameplay, along with some new additions that at the very least put on a new coat of paint on a now more mature platform. It’s not a bad idea to bundle this game up with any new console purchase. It’s $59.

One Year’s Xbox Live Gold Membership
Unlike the PS4, the Xbox One’s online gaming platform isn’t free. It costs about $60 to play, though some will tell you that you get a superior experience for your money. While that’s debatable, the fact remains that you have to pay. So why not bundle this up with the console so that whoever you give it to doesn’t have to spend a penny?

Samsung 55-inch LED HDTV
Now, let’s for a minute imagine you’re buying this for your kids. They’re getting the new consoles and what do you think is going to happen? If you think you’ll have a chance to watch your TV at all for the next few months, you’re sorely mistaken. You might want to consider getting your kids their own, at this point. Sure, it might seem like a lot to spend on Holiday presents, but if you have the money to spend, why not? This Samsung 55-inch LED HDTV is quickly becoming a standard size and price. Sure, there’s bigger, slimmer, 4K, UHD, 3D or any of a thousand things you might want in cutting edge TVs. But if all you want is a good TV, with a big screen, $899 is all you have to spend.

Samsung 1,000W Blueray Home Theater System
This is the cherry on the icing. This is what you get if you really, really want to splurge and spoil. Because really, you can game without surround sound. But… it’s so much better with. This set from Samsung is a 5.1 surround affair that features enough power to scare, while at the same time coming so highly rated that you should feel confident that the $299 asking price is fair.

Game Makers to Fund Kickstarter Campaign Through Indiegogo Campaign

Indiegogo to fund Kickstarter

Crowdsourcing is pretty popular these days, and for good reason. It helps people raise funds so they can turn their ideas and concepts into a reality, and get a little press in the process if their project rises to the top on the crowdfunding platform. Kickstarter is the main player and gets the most coverage, but Indiegogo is a worthwhile alternative which provides more flexible funding options.

Most people just choose one over the other and get on with their project. Others, like Baron Von Husk, want the best of both worlds. What he did was start a campaign on Indiegogo…to fund his project on Kickstarter! He doesn’t talk about his project in detail on Indiegogo but he does explain why he wants to get his campaign on Kickstarter. All Baron says is that he’s working on a “great game” which involves social media integration and actual plastic game cards.

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This Chest of Drawers is Literally a Chest of Drawers

Literal Chest of Drawers

You don’t call it a “bunch of drawers” or a “stack of drawers.” You call it a “chest of drawers” and that’s exactly what you get with this particular piece of furniture. This unique bureau designed by George McCallum features a well-built dude with an 8-pack that actually serves as your main storage space. The drawers decrease in size from top to bottom as it follows the body shape of a guy who probably hits the gym every day.

It’s definitely bulkier than your average chest of drawers in more ways than one. The topmost drawer comes with nipples (aka knobs), while the succeeding ones don’t have any because it would just be strange if they did. The rounded edges allow you to open the second to fourth tier drawers with ease, though.

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Wipebook is a Handy, Dandy Reusable Whiteboard Notebook


People are always saying that you should write down thoughts or sketch ideas as they hit you, because you’re bound to forget them if you wait, even for a little while. There’s just something about seeing those doodles and notes in front of you that makes plans and concepts much more real. A lot of folks I know use a stylus with their tablets or smartphones along with a notepad app to do this. But sometimes, it’s just not the same as using pen on paper or whiteboard pen on whiteboard.

For the latter, there’s Wipebook. It’s essentially a notebook that’s got sheets of whiteboard inside instead of paper. Write, doodle, scribble, take notes, and construct graphs using a dry erase pen, and just wipe the pages clean when you’re done with your notes or change your mind about your ideas.

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Foaster is a Toaster-Inspired Dock for Your Smartphones


Foaster looks like a miniature toaster, but you won’t be able to toast slices of bread using it. Instead, you’ll be able to charge two of Apple’s newer-generation devices, specifically the iPhone 5, 5S, and 5C, with this. Granted, it’s not something that you absolutely need to have, but if you’re looking for a new dock with a clean and minimalist design, then this might just be the dock for you.

Foaster’s toaster-like design looks great in your kitchen (beside your blender and actual toaster, even) and eliminates messy and tangled cords since you can charge two phones at once. It comes with two built-in MFI-certified Lightning connectors and USB cables, and comes in four neat color combinations: white or black body with silver or champagne gold aluminum trim).

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Need Ideas for the Party? Check Out This Thanksgiving Menu Generator

Thanksgiving Menu Generator

Need some ideas for Thanksgiving dinner? Then you might want to check out this Thanksgiving Menu Generator by Saveur. With a click of your mouse, you’ll be able to generate a full menu to make the holidays a little more special. They don’t just stick you with images or names of dishes, either. You can click on the displayed dish under the appropriate column to check out its recipe so you can get the ingredients and start cooking.

In case you don’t want to leave the menu to chance, then you can access Saveur’s full gallery of twelve Thanksgiving menus instead. Happy holidays!

VIA [ Incredible Things ]

A Wireless Charger For The iPhone 5 For $25


Love it or hate it, it’s no secret that the iPhone is trailing competitors in some areas. Specifically, there are some hardware changes that Apple fans have been clamouring for for years, and Cupertino seems to be ignoring. High among that list is wireless charging (alongside a bigger screen, NFC, etc.). The Qi wireless charging standard has been established for years, but there’s no word on when or even if it’ll ever be integrated into the iPhone. This means that the most common way to recharge the phone wirelessly is with the help of bulky, often expensive cases.

The iQi Mobile product, however, is neither bulky nor expensive, costing all of $25. It’s a paper thin inductive coil, connected to another really thin strip that plugs into the phone’s Lightning connector. That’s it. It’s slim enough to be sandwiched between your soft case and the phone, and as soon as it’s hooked up, you just have to drop your phone on a charging pad and watch the battery replenish. If you don’t have a charging pad, you can get one in the same order for an extra $40. This is on a fully funded IndieGogo campaign, so you should be expecting delivery around December 2013/ January 2014.


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Bacon Scented Deodorant


We have a bacon tag here at OhGizmo! Yeah, it’s right here. It exists because there’s an entire universe of bacon related products out there, like bacon condoms and bacon mouthwash. And now, obviously, you have Power Bacon for discerning bacon aficionados who also enjoy good underarm hygiene. Do you really need a description? It makes your pits smell like heaven, and that’s all there is to say about that.

It’s $10.

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Buy $65 Starbucks Tumbler, Get Free Drinks For One Month

starbucks-espresso-refill-tumblerMaybe you’re buying padded gear in preparation for the Black Friday tramplings. That’s cool. But if you’re not, maybe you can make your way to a local Starbucks. There, for Black Friday only, you can pick up a $65 Stainless Steel Espresso Refill Tumbler. And for your trouble, Starbucks will offer you a free handcrafted espresso beverage every day in January 2014. Sure, there’s a limit of one per day, but that’s still a $140 value right there, which sounds like a pretty sweet deal to us. So if you’ve got the Seattle’s black brew running in your veins, now’s your chance to save a couple dollars.

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