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This Movie-Themed Engagement Shoot is Pure Awesomeness!

This Movie-Themed Engagement Shoot is Pure Awesomeness!

Movie Engagement Shoot

The couple that watches movies together (and acts out scenes from those movies together), stays together. A lifetime of joy and togetherness is what we’re wishing Redditor hamburgersandwiches and his fiance, because that’s exactly what they did for their engagement shoot.

Instead of the usual cutesy shots at some park or landmark, the couple opted to reenact some choice scenes and movie posters to come up with a winning gallery of fun and quirky engagement photos. From Back to the Future and that pottery scene from Ghost to Wayne’s World and that scene from Titanic that had girls swooning, it looks like hambugersandwiches and his fiance did them all.

You can check out the full gallery of their photos after the break.

VIA [ Geekologie ]