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Outside the Lines: A Coloring Book for Big Kids With Big Imaginations

Adult Coloring Book

For a lot of people, life was literally more colorful when they were kids. Gone are the days when an hour of arts and crafts was squeezed in between math and science class. Or are they?

Bringing back color and whimsy into the lives of adults, big kids, and anyone with a giant imagination is Outside the Lines. It’s an artsy coloring book curated by Souris Hong-Porretta that features the work of over a hundred artists from all walks of life–from graphic and street artists to cartoonists. Each page is lined with intricate artwork that’s just waiting for you to add some color to it.

Adult Coloring Book1

Adult Coloring Book2

Outside the Lines is definitely more complicated than your typical coloring book, that’s for sure. So relax, break out your crayons and colored pencils, and start coloring. It’s available online for $12.79.

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