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The Faces of Facebook: Spot Your Profile Picture in a Sea of 1.2 Billion Faces

All Faces on Facebook

Facebook passed the 1 billion users mark close to a year ago and they’re still going strong. But when did you get on the Facebook train relative to the rest of the world? Well, there’s an awesome web app that will let you know and it’s called The Faces Of Facebook.

It displays the profile pictures of the 1.2 billion plus users on the social network. You can hover around the teeny tiny boxes and click to zoom in and see the profile picture of the nth user who joined Facebook. You can also find out what your face number is by giving the app access to your Facebook data (through its Facebook app.) I happen to be user number 47,728,103. Over 44 million slots ahead of me is Oh Gizmo! founder and editor in chief David Ponce at the 3,798,105 position.

Aside from showing you your joining rank, various squares on the face map will turn white to indicate that whoever occupies that certain position is one of your Facebook friends.

So what’s your number?

VIA [ Geekologie ]