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Enfojer Darkroom Goes Backwards, From Digital To Analog

Enfojer Darkroom Goes Backwards, From Digital To Analog


The hipster is very strong with this one, but we like it nonetheless. The idea with the Enfojer is to take the digital pictures you snap with your smartphone and… develop them like old school film prints. The kit comes with a special cradle for your phone, a lens that focuses the image from your screen onto a developing plate underneath and trays for the chemical treatment that has to be done afterwards. The way it works starts by you snapping a picture, editing it on your phone if you wish, then placing the phone face down on the cradle with the app running. Adjust the focus, snap your fingers and the screen goes blank while you load a photo paper. Snap your fingers again and the app exposes the paper for the required time. Once that’s done, it’s just a matter of developing the picture like it’s 1995 all over again.

Granted, you’re going to need some supplies of your own, like the chemicals used in the developing process, which can’t easily be shipped cross border. But you do get a red LED light to create the darkroom. Sure it’s lots of work, but the idea is that you’re involved in the creation of the final image, a fun and engaging process that is now lost thanks to the ease of printers. Is this for everyone? Not really, which can help explain why they’re still shy of their funding goals only a week away from the deadline. But there definitely is a niche market for Enfojer and we hope they succeed. If you want yours… prepare to pledge $200 for your kit.

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