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Custom Handwriting Necklaces: Written Mementos You Can Wear

Custom Handwriting Necklace

A phrase from a love letter. A line from a poem. A few words from a note. Sometimes, they just stick with you, even when the person who wrote them is long gone. You can preserve the sheets, but you can now immortalize bits and pieces of those handwritten mementos by turning them into something wearable. It’s all possible thanks to jewelry artist Brittany Leigh.

The idea came to her when her grandmother passed away. She wanted to make something for her mom that kept the former “close despite her absence,” explaining: “I wanted it to be happy, and beautiful, and capture the essence of my grandmother. I found her handwriting translated all of these things in a wonderful way.”

Custom Handwriting Necklace1

Brittany now customizes and sells these handwritten pieces on her Etsy shop.

The necklace doesn’t need to be that emotionally heavy, it doesn’t need to be a memorial piece. It can be anything you want it be, but whoever’s handwriting you take it from – it will be unique and one of a kind, no matter what.

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