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This Hotel Lets People With Over 10,000 Followers Stay Overnight for Free

This Hotel Lets People With Over 10,000 Followers Stay Overnight for Free

Instagram Hotel

If you have over 10,000 followers on Instagram and happen to be in Sydney, Australia right now, then you might want to drop by the 1888 Hotel before heading home. The five-star luxury hotel is currently hosting a giveaway and are giving away one night’s stay to social media users who meet the minimum requirements.

Their promo makes sense, considering that most details of the hotel’s interiors are Instagram-worthy. There’s even a huge Selfie wall where guests are encouraged to take one after they check in. Even the name is photography-related, as 1888 was the year when Kodak released their first box and roll camera.

Instagram Hotel1

This is a smart move because 1888 Hotel is essentially targeting people who are social media influencers. They’re not going straight to the top though, as they’ve set their sights on the “smaller” people too. While 10,000 followers is a lot, it’s not too big a number that would be impossible to reach for regular folks (aka non-celebrities). As marketing experts like Rich Gorman explain, social media is key to branding, and 1888 is doing a pretty bang up job of using it, as they’ve been receiving pretty good feedback on their giveaway so far.

As for the promotion itself, joining it is easy enough. All you have to do is follow @8hotels on Instagram and email [email protected] to claim your free room. If you went for it and actually got free accommodations, let us know how your stay went!

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