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Monthly Archives: August 2013

Record-Breaking LEGO Tower is 11 Stories High

LEGO Tower

Did you ever attempt to build the tallest LEGO tower in the world when you were a kid? I did and I always thought I did a pretty good job…until now. If you thought you did, too, then you should take a look at what the students and teachers from Dickinson High School in Milltown built.

The school’s community didn’t just build a tower that was several feet high; instead, they built a LEGO tower that’s 11 stories high! The tower measures 112 feet and 11.75 inches and is officially the tallest LEGO tower in the world, as affirmed by Guinness World Records.

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Check It Out: It’s Mega Meat!

Megaman Meat

The dude in charge of the meat department at the Uwajimaya supermarket in Seattle probably had too much time on his hands. It’s either that or he’s just a huge Mega Man fan because he molded, shaped, and formed the ground pork and beef into two well-known characters from the Mega Man franchise.

On the left is a fierce-looking porky version of Cut Man, while the right features Mega Man in all his beefy splendor. It’s pretty cool but gross in a raw-meat sort of way. Nonetheless, I’m sure many shoppers did a double and triple-take when they saw these trays on display at the store.

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The $750 Cupcake is For People With Expensive Tastes

$750 Cupcake

Got a sweet tooth? Not just a regular one, but an expensive sweet tooth? Then you’ll absolutely relish taking a bite out of Palazzo’s Decadence D’Or cupcake. It costs all of $750, which is probably enough for a several weeks’ rent for some people. To say that the price of this teensy weensy cupcake is atrocious is probably an understatement. But hey, if you can afford it, then why not?

The decadent cupcake is made using fancy Palmira Single Estate chocolate while the frosting is whipped up using Charentes-Poitou AOC butter mixed with Tahitian Gold vanilla caviar. Mmm-hmm! As if that doesn’t sound rich enough, the cake is topped off with Louis XIII de Remy Martin Cognac and bits of edible gold flakes for good measure. The final touch lies in how the cupcake is presented, with the cake encased in chocolate mold and a hand-blown sugar fleur-de-lis cherry on top.

VIA [ Incredible Things ]

Angry Brands: Famous Logos Invaded by Angry Birds

Angry Brands

If you play Angry Birds or just watched their intro video, then you already know why the birds are so peeved at the green alien pigs. That back story has nothing to do with  Russia-based artist Yakushev Grigory‘s gallery called “Angry Brands” though, where he recreates a bunch of famous logos featuring the well-known and ever-angry birds. Love them or hate them, I think the impact the franchise has made is here to stay.

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Sprayable Energy Caffeine Spray Will Perk You Right Up

Sprayable Energy

Sometimes, a cup of coffee just doesn’t do it for you. Even if it does, there’s the dreaded crash that often comes sooner than you’d like. The alternative? Sprayable Energy. It’s a patent-pending caffeine spray that can be absorbed for “energy through your skin without the jitters, crash, chemicals, & cost of other caffeinated products.”

Most energy-boosting drinks and products out there contain loads of calories, sodium, and sugar. Others contain doses of caffeine that are masked with the addition of artificial ingredients. Sprayable Energy wins on several counts because it’s odorless, colorless, and does what it promises to do.

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Nerd Block: Monthly Mystery Card Packages that Nerds Will Love

Nerd Block

Give someone you love (your own self not excluded) a nerdy care package every month with Nerd Block. It’s the newest subscription service in town that promises to wow both full-fledged and in-the-closet nerds with a specially-curated box of geeky gear. The service’s partners include Marvel, Nintendo, DC, and Disney, along with popular entities like Adventure Time, Doctor Who, and Star Wars, so you’re more or less guaranteed a box of awesome stuff every month.

Each package will contain a limited-edition T-shirt, along with a selection of five to six geek-themed toys that even non-nerds would appreciate.

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Muffin Top Molds Give Your Cupcakes Some Love Handles

Muffin Top Cupcake Molds

Tell a girl she makes some delicious muffin tops and she’ll probably give you a slap or two for good measure. Tell a guy the same and he’ll probably just look at you silly or punch you for being a smart-alecky jerk. Fact of the matter is, most people are prone to developing muffin tops if they don’t watch what they eat or exercise regularly. Some people decided to find some humor in this and gave the term a new, literal meaning: Muffin top cupcake molds.

The molds look like teeny tiny pairs of jeans. Essentially, all you have to do is pour some batter in and bake ’em. When you open your oven, you’ll be greeted by a batch of muffin top cupcakes with the yummiest love handles you’ll ever see or feel on an actual cake.

The Muffin Top Cupcake Molds come in sets of four and are available online for $12.99.

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Viral Video Awesomeness: Dude Does 31 South Park Impressions in Two Minutes

South Park Parody

South Park is one animated show that’s definitely not safe for children–no duh, considering it’s labeled as an “adult animated sitcom.” Featuring often crude storylines that parody real-life people and events, the show’s got it all: sort-of lessons, celebrity cameos, the occasional song, and a whole lot of humor.

As with most animated shows, a lot of vocalists come in to record their parts on the show. But if one day, the producers wake up to find that most of their cast is missing (well, it could happen)–then they know who to call: Brock Baker.

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How Old Are Your Ears? Take This Test and Find Out

Ear Age

You probably use your ears a lot, even when you don’t mean to or when you’re not supposed to (ahem, like when you eavesdrop.) Studies show that people put their hearing at risk a lot, with too-loud headphones, blaring car stereos, and uber loud concerts that are partly to blame.

So the big question is: How old are your ears? AsapScience has created a hearing test of sorts that plays a series of tones at increasing frequencies. The video indicates which average age group can hear the tones, so you can find just how good or bad your hearing is almost immediately.

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