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Upgrade Your Lunch: Better Meals for Random Strangers

Not everyone has time to prepare a healthy and balanced lunch for themselves or for their significant other. Work can demand so much of a person’s time and effort that they sometimes ignore the more important things–like preparing a good lunch, for example. Picking up on this and actually doing something about it is Food Beast in collaboration with vitaminwater.

They’ve launched a new YouTube series called #UpgradeYourLunch where they basically upgrade a bunch of people’s lunches. They started out by distributing freshly-prepared meals to the entire warehouse staff of streetwear company The Hundreds.

They served up Umami Burgers from the back of an air-conditioned delivery truck and decorated the entire place with astro-turf, garden gnomes, string lights, and picnic tables. Talk about a gastronomical surprise.

The ongoing series will feature people with depressing lunches who are treated to better meals by the team. If you and your friends want better lunches (or know people who could use some), you could reach out and email them or post pictures and tag use the hashtags #foodbeast and #upgradeyourlunch.

VIA [ FoodBeast ]