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Unreal Beauty: Uniface Mask Gives You a New Face…Sort Of

Unreal Beauty: Uniface Mask Gives You a New Face…Sort Of

Uniface mask

Now you can alter your appearance without having to go under the knife by slapping one of these Uniface Masks on your face. They look hyper-realistic and will give you features that you’ve always wanted to have without plastic surgery. The big catch is that you’ll end up looking like a creepy human doll with too-perfect anime-like features.

The Uniface Masks are ready-to-wear, glue-on faces with flawless skin, arched eyebrows, and glossy heart-shaped lips. They’re described as bearing a “dream-fulfilling face that satisfies today’s beauty standards.” These so-called standards are up for debate, but the site explains that the mask’s “giant anime eyes, long lashes, a high nose bridge, and narrow chin and cheeks are all in one product for a lifetime’s worth of confidence.”
Uniface mask1

Before you get too excited or appalled at the existence of such masks, let me just say that they’re definitely not real, at least for the foreseeable future. They were created by Zhuoying (Joy) Li, who is a design and technology graduate of Parsons New School for Design. She’s now studying interaction design at NYU and decided to create the masks (and the fake product site for it) to make a statement on the pressures women face when it comes to their appearance.

Li explains: “The longer I stay in the U.S., the more important I feel individuality is regarding facial appearance, which is the opposite in China. Uniface is intended to raise the awareness of this beauty issue, and to make women rethink about what they are doing to themselves.” She adds that the mask “is branded and commercialized to ironically communicate how media has manipulated women’s desire to have the same extreme facial features.”




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