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Fat-Burning Breathalyzer Lets You Know If Your Diet’s Working or Not

Fat-Burning Breathalyzer

This isn’t your typical breathalyzer in every sense of the word. It doesn’t measure the amount of alcohol in your breath; rather, it measures how much acetone is in it instead. But what does acetone have to do with diets? You might be aware that acetone is a compound found in most nail polish removers, but did you know that your body produces it, too?

Acetone is produced when fatty acids are broken down in your body. Break down enough fat and eventually this compound will find its way into your breath, so when you blow onto the fat-burning breathalyzer, you’ll know if you’re doing enough to shed off those extra pounds or not.

Fat-Burning Breathalyzer1

The device was thought up by Japanese cellphone provider NTT Docomo. The company’s Tsuguyoshi Toyooka says: “Enabling users to monitor the state of fat-burning could play a pivotal role in daily diet management. Uncontrolled diabetes [causes] elevated levels of breath acetone, and thus our prototype could be used to see whether diabetic control is going well or not.”

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