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Wheelbarrow with Internal Combustion Engine: Can Your Wheelbarrow Go Faster Than This?

world's fastest wheelbarrow

Hold your horses–er, barrows–because this might just be the fastest motor-powered wheelbarrow you’ll ever see!

Apparently modding wheelbarrows is a thing now, at least in Poland, where one dude decided to hook his barrow up with what sounds like a trail bike motor to give it that extra boost. It’s probably all for novelty’s sake. I mean, it’s admittedly pretty cool to have a wheelbarrow you can ride like a Segway, right?

And who knows, the extra speed might actually come in handy when you need to transport something (or someone) fast! The fact that it gets you places is a huge plus, too.

Clearly, you won’t be able to buy this anywhere. But if you’ve got a wheelbarrow in your garage and a spare motor just lying there…well, you know what to do.