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‘Halved’ Dinnerware Set Forces You to Cut Your Meals in Half

‘Halved’ Dinnerware Set Forces You to Cut Your Meals in Half

Halved Dinnerware Set

It’s easy to start going on a diet–after all, all you need to do is to decide that you’ll go on one–but it’s hard to follow through. If you find yourself questioning your motivations halfway through it, then you might need some extra help. What better way to control your portions by using dinnerware that’s literally been halved?

That’s the idea behind the ‘Halved’ dinnerware set by Jo Djauhari, Fajar Kurnia and Jeremy Chia. The set is made up of a halved bowl, a halved plate, and a halved mug that can hold only half the normal capacity of most similar types of dinnerware. You can try to heap more food onto the bowl and plate all you want, but it definitely won’t hold the normal amount you’re probably used to eating.

Halved Dinnerware Set1

It’s a very fun design and it might just help you stick to your diet–even if it’s by force.

‘Halved’ is currently up for funding on Kickstarter, where a minimum pledge of £60 (about $90) will get you one of your very own sets. Other pledge levels also offer the bowl, plate, and mug individually.

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