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Check Out the Manliest Baby Stroller of All Time

Check Out the Manliest Baby Stroller of All Time

Manly Baby Stroller

According to a survey conducted by Czech automobile maker Skoda, a lot of dads admitted they were “embarrassed” to push regular strollers around. In case you’re wondering, “a lot” here means a third of the 1,000 of the dads who were surveyed. Strollers understandably come with few, if any, added features because they’re often unnecessary, and they often look plain because they’re baby strollers and not cars, for crying out loud!

That didn’t stop Skoda from building the VRS Mega Man-Pram, which looks like the most bad-ass baby stroller that was ever made! What they did was automobilify the basic stroller to turn it into something that can probably flatten another stroller that dared bump into it. (And yes, I am aware that automobilify isn’t a word.)

Manly Baby Stroller1

The VRS Man-Pram was deemed as “fit for a king” and features 20-inch wheels that are surrounded by all-terrain rubber. Aside from that, it’s also equipped with a bunch of car-like features, like a wing mirrors, over-sized brake calipers, hydraulic suspension, brake lights and even a headlamp that might come in especially useful for night walks.

The bad news? It’s not for sale. The good news? You can make one yourself and use this as an inspiration, if you really want to.

VIA [ Gizmag ]


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