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Healthy Sweets? Vegetable Candy in Green Beans, Carrots, and Corn Flavors

Vegetable Candy

Can’t get your kids to eat their greens? Want something healthier than bacon candy to satisfy your sweet tooth? Then check out this tin of Fresh Vegetable Candy from McPhee.

Each can is filled with an assortment of hard candy in three delectable-to-vegans-and-vegetarians flavors: green beans, carrots, and corn. So they probably don’t contain much nutrients because you’d have to eat the actual, unprocessed veggies for that, but it’s a neat treat to give kids so they’ll get used to the taste of these healthy greens and oranges.

…If you’re a vegetarian, this is a perfect way to answer to someone who insists on eating Bacon Candy in front of you. It is especially fun to see the look on kid’s faces when they taste these – a mixture of horror and delight!

That way, they’re less likely to refuse when you feel them the real thing. At least, in theory.

The Vegetable Candy tins are priced at $5.95.

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