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Yawn and This Coffee Machine Will Give You a Free Cup of Joe

Yawn and This Coffee Machine Will Give You a Free Cup of Joe

Yawn-activated coffee machine

This Douwe Egberts coffee machine looks like a typical machine, but you’ll soon realize that not everything is at seems when you take a closer look. It doesn’t have the usual slots where you’re supposed to push your coins or paper bills in, but it’s equipped with a facial recognition system instead. Don’t expect to get a cup of coffee if you’re fully awake and perky, because the machine has been programmed to only dole out free cups of Joe to people who are yawning (or in the process of yawning.)

The international coffee company chose to install the unusual coffee machine in the busy O.R. Tambo International Airport in South Africa, where over 210 cups of coffee were given away to tired and weary travelers.

This marketing campaign reminds me of Coca-Cola’s ad campaigns where they gave away free soda to people who gave the vending machine a hug. Check out the video above to see Douwe Egberts’ unusual coffee machine in action!



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