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Backpack Features Kevlar Hood To Protect You From… Bomb Debris?

Backpack Features Kevlar Hood To Protect You From… Bomb Debris?



It’s sad to think there are parts of the world where it makes perfect sense to design backpacks that feature systems to protect you from shrapnel and other war-related debris. The Rhino Skin backpack is a project by Israeli designer Hila Raam that features a pull-out hoodie made from Kevlar. This is meant to protect the back of your head and neck in the event that you’re in an area that’s being attacked by rockets. Pull it out, and drop to the ground… hopefully an actual rocket doesn’t land on you and the hoodie protects you from injury from the smaller falling debris.

Having never been in a war zone, we’re not sure if this will actually help at all, or if it’ll create a false sense of security where more urgency could be used to find proper shelter. That said, maybe there is no such thing as proper shelter when your area is being pelted by rockets, so maybe the Rhino Skin is a last ditch effort to put all the odds in your favor. Whatever the case, it doesn’t appear to be for sale.

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