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Lernstift Linux Smart Pen Vibrates When You Spell Something Wrong

Lernstift Linux smart pen

If you’re particularly bad at spelling, then this pen can help you out. It’s the Lernstift smart pen, and it vibrates gently whenever its user makes a spelling error. It looks like a regular pen on the outside, but it packs some pretty unique and sophisticated tech on the inside. The Lernstift actually has an embedded Linux inside it’s tiny frame, which is equipped with a motion sensor, memory, and processor, along with a WiFi and vibrating module.

The pen can be used as a learning tool all by itself or in conjunction with apps. The Lernstift has two primary functions: orthography mode, which recognizes and points out spelling errors, and calligraphy mode, which points out any flaws in penmanship form or legibility. The pen will need to be calibrated during its first use

There are three interchangeable nibs available for the pen: fountain pen, ballpoint pen, and pencil. When the Lernstift is launched, the pen will be set up to work in two languages: English and German.

The Lernstift is currently up for funding, where a minimum pledge of $150 will get you one of your very own.

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  • AMillionMonkeys

    Does it vibrate when you use poor grammar, too? Then perhaps the author would have thought to use “incorrectly” (adverb) in the title instead of “wrong” (adjective).