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MK3 Exoskeleton Suit Promises to Make Schoolgirls Better, Taller, Stronger

Exoskeleton Suit

Cyborgs might walk among us one day. For now, it’s just Japanese schoolgirls decked out in exoskeleton suits. You might have noticed that manufacturers turn to schoolgirls whenever they want to market some hot, new product in Japan. This time around, it’s the Powered Jacket MK3 developed by Sagawa Electronics.

It’s the first commercially available exoskeleton that’s being marketed in the country. Weighing in at just 55 pounds, the suit stands 7 feet tall and can be worn to travel around the city. It even bends over so its wearer can pick stuff up. For something that looks tough and mechanical, its wearer can have the suit grab an egg and crack it.

The promotion video starts out a bit weird at first, but watch for a bit longer to see the demo of the exoskeleton suit.

The exoskeleton will be made available in limited numbers starting this month and will be priced at $123,000.  Obviously, schoolgirls aren’t the one who can use or buy this thing.

VIA [ Dvice ]